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Communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises are facing unprecedented challenges. The continued surge in bandwidth demand combined with growing expectations to access data-intensive applications anywhere and with the lowest latency possible demands a new approach to building networks. Embracing openness and disaggregation is now essential to avoid the constraints of vendor lock-in and seize the freedom to harness the latest innovation. Our open optical technology is designed for easy interoperability and integration, providing an agile, scalable foundation ready to expand and evolve.

Total flexibility, complete choice

From metro to long-haul, networks are being transformed by the power of open innovation. Solutions like the ADVA FSP 3000 are freeing CSPs and businesses from the shackles of today’s closed systems. With its modular design, our FSP 3000 OLS delivers more flexibility than ever before with customers able to select the chassis, amplifiers and filters they need. And, whether coherent or direct detect technology is preferred, our unified OLS meets all needs with new levels of automation for easy setup and operation. What’s more, FSP 3000 terminals with advanced coherent technology are now taking capacity and flexibility to unprecedented levels. TeraFlex™ is a 1RU platform that enables channels of up to 1.2Tbit/s and a total capacity of 7.2Tbit/s

ADVA's comprehensive range of open optical transport solutions includes the FSP 3000 OpenFabric™, an entirely new and open OTN switch specifically engineered to enable CSPs to leverage more value from their deployed infrastructure. Another key technology is the MicroMux™, a highly innovative pluggable module which provides ultimate client port flexibility for data center interconnect applications with zero compromise on power, space or spectral efficiency. Their portfolio is the ideal route to the benefits of openness. Now customers can deploy a turnkey integrated solution from one trusted and highly experienced vendor which is also fully disaggregated and primed to work with third-party technologies.

ECOC22 Update:
ADVA's Optical Engines

What's Next at #ECOC22 for ADVA? Think optical engines! Here is an overview from Saeid Aramideh, VP of Business Development, Optical Engines Business Unit, ADVA.

100G coherent pluggable for the optical edge

The pressing need to increase the transport capacity of access and edge aggregation networks is pushing the adoption of higher speeds at the optical edge. While in the last mile legacy 1Gbit/s links are being upgraded to support 10Gbit/s and 25Gbit/s line speeds, in edge aggregation networks 100Gbit/s is ramping up. Given the huge number of links to be upgraded and the cost points of the optical edge, operators need a cost-efficient solution that can be easily deployed without major changes to existing infrastructure. Direct-detect solutions have been predominant so far, but they don’t work well at high speeds, since their reach is severely limited by optical dispersion. Our Coherent 100ZR pluggable device enables the introduction of cost-efficient 100Gbit/s coherent DWDM solutions in edge aggregation networks.

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