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About AFL Hyperscale

AFL Hyperscale is the industry expert in fiber optic connectivity for large-scale data centers and the first cabling and connectivity solution provider focused on their ever-evolving needs.

What does hyperscale mean?

Put simply, hyperscale is the ability for a computing system to adapt in scale to the demands of a workload. It is this type of computing power and network scale that drives video streaming, social media, cloud computing, software platforms, and big-data storage. Data centers are the physical fleet of structures where this type of computing power occurs."


– Alan Keizer, Senior Technology Consultant, AFL Hyperscale

Nik Angra of AFL Hyperscale explains their role with COBO and the Multi-Core Fiber Journey

Nik Angra, Senior Product Line Manager of AFL Hyperscale explains their role with COBO and Multi-Core Fiber, which solves the duct space issue for data center campus outside plant cables.

Enterprise Solutions

AFL Hyperscale is a leading designer and manufacturer of cabling and connectivity products and solutions with a portfolio including fiber optic and copper cabling, patch cords and pigtails, cable management solutions, tools, consumables, and test and measurement equipment. This broad product offering, teamed with local warehousing and manufacturing and world-class customer service, means we can deliver the product you need, when you need it.

With 70 years’ experience and an extensive understanding of data connectivity, we have built a reputation for delivering high-quality, cost-effective products and solutions that cater to our customers’ needs.

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