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About Arrayed Fiberoptics Corporation (AFC)

Arrayed Fiberoptics Corporation (AFC) is a privately-owned company with more than 10 years history, which is headquartered in Sunnyvale California, and has a subsidiary facility in Suzhou China.

Arrayed Fiberoptics Corporation is mainly focused on its award-winning non-contact MPO fiber connectors (MNC) and non-contact single fiber connectors.

 The MNC offers vastly improved optical performance in repeatability, dust insensitivity, and longevity compared to traditional MPO connectors. Single fiber non-contact connectors (LC, SC, FC) have the same list of advantages.

Due to these performance advantages, non-contact fiber connectors can easily survive harsh environment and tough conditions under which regular physical contact connectors cannot handle.  

Numerous Awards and International Honors

  1. Reported by influential media LightReading as “The first major advancement for connectors in 30 years” (2012);

  2. Awarded Prism Award finalist by International Association of Photoelectric Engineers (SPIE) (2014);

  3. Non-Contact Single Fiber Connector awarded “Lightwave Innovation Award” at OFC (2015);

  4. China Orion Photoelectric Elite Competition Second Place, RMB 200,000 Prize (2017);

  5. Non-contact MPO Fiber Connector awarded “Lightwave Innovation Award” at OFC (2017);

  6. Our Non-Contact MPO (MNCTM) Connector has been submitted to IEC as the new international standard "Dust Proof Connector".


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