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Multimode Waveguide Interconnect Systems

Multimode Waveguide Interconnect System

The PSMA Packaging & Manufacturing Committee provides information and resources on advances in power packaging and manufacturing technologies. Its focus is on high density power packaging design for lowest cost manufacturing, with the goal of achieving global competitiveness for PSMA member companies. The committee recently produced a comprehensive three-part study of technology trends, components and techniques in 3D packaging.

+ The Multimode Waveguide Interconnect System working group creates standards for optical waveguide-embedded-PCBto solve the imminent bandwidth and power issues through removing copper traces. + Traditional PCB design tools are based on schematic diagrams composed of electrical copper traces and components, where optical components are populated and interconnection between optical components are implemented by an overlay of fibers. +  + As using embedded optical waveguides instead of fibers needs to be part of the PCB manufacturing process, there are additional steps to utilize the current EDA tools with polymeric film based optical waveguide.

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