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About Dupont

DuPont is structured into businesses that let us focus our expertise to solve today’s most pressing challenges, across industries, around the world.


In DuPont Electronics & Industrial, we’re pursuing new technologies and performance materials that enable your designs to be smaller, more complex, more reliable, and more powerful than you could ever imagine. DuPont is a technology leader, serving the semiconductor, circuit board, display, digital and flexographic printing, healthcare, aerospace, industrial and transportation industries. Every day, we’re solving our customer’s biggest challenges and are honored to be their partner of choice.


In DuPont Water & Protection, we develop solutions that protect, shelter, and enhance lives. Our expertise spans high-performance fibers and foams, aramid papers, non-woven structures, water purification technologies, and protective garments, and includes well-known brands like Kevlar®, Nomex®, Tyvek®, Styrofoam™, Corian®, Great Stuff™, FilmTec™, and TapTec™.


Challenges and opportunities for optics in cloud datacenters

The Future of Material Science for Co-Packaged Optics

Jake Joo of Dupont and Peter Johnson of SABIC discuss the future opportunities and challenges of co-packaged optic materials and the science behind making them happen. Hosted by Jim Carroll of Optical Networks Daily.


Advanced Material Solutions
for Co-Packaged Optics


Jake Joo

Senior Technical Manager

Electronics & Industrial

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