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Since the inception of HIROSE in 1937, the company has developed and introduced thousands of new connectors for numerous applications.

Multimode Waveguide Interconnect Systems Update with Joshua Kim of Hirose

Joshua Kim of Hirose and Multimode Waveguide Working Group Chairman discusses the new Standards Activity at Consortium for On-Board Optics.

Update on the Multi-Mode Waveguide Working Group with Joshua Kim of Hirose.

In 2021, the Consortium for Onboard Optics established a Multi-Mode Waveguide Interconnect System (MWIS) Working Group to focus specifically on the replacement of copper traces with multi-mode waveguides and adding an extra thin interface for Electrical/Optical and Optical/Electrical conversion within close proximity to the electrical component.


Hirose's Joshua Kihong Kim on Multimode Waveguide Interconnects

The Consortium for Onboard Optics (COBO) has formed a working group to address Multi-mode Waveguide Interconnect System (MWIS) as an alternative to copper traces in printed circuit boards. In this video, Joshua Kihong Kim, Principal Engineer Photonic Signal Integrity, Hirose, discusses the latest developments.

Introduction to Multimode Waveguides (MMWG) as an alternative to copper traces.

When we consider future switch designs, the interconnects between components on the board will need to scale performance in bandwidth and power consumption. In this webinar, we provide an introduction to Multimode Waveguides (MMWG) as an alternative to copper traces. In terms of raw performance, MMWG promises full optical bandwidth (200~300Thz). Topics for this webinar include a look at the basic elements of a MMWG system, and a presentation of link modeling and simulation data.


Our presenters include Joshua Kihong Kim, Senior Signal Integrity Engineer in Photonics and Electronics, Hirose Electric USA and Marika Immonen, Senior Manager, Applications Engineering Liaison and Optical Technology, Commercial Technology at TTM Technologies Inc.


MWIS - Multimode Waveguide Interconnect System


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