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Leading in the field of high-frequency and high-speed transmissions, I-PEX contributes to the digital society by providing excellent signal integrity solutions with the development of a wide variety of ultra-precision connectors and our incomparable customer support.

Headquartered in Japan, we use our precision manufacturing process to go from product design to tool build to mass production. We have control over the entire process from start-to-finish.

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Active Optical Modules LIGHTPASS™ Series / I-PEX

100 Gbps (25 Gbps x 4 Channels) Bi-directional, Low profile, MPU integrated, Low Power Consumption, Photoelectric Conversion Module

  • Ultra-Thin Mating Height: 2.3 mm

  • High-Speed Transmission: 100 Gbps (25 Gbps x 4 Channels)

  • MPU Integrated Active Optical Module


100 Gbps (25 Gbps x 4 Channels ) Bi-directional, High Density, Low Power Consumption, Mid-board Optical Module

  • High Speed Transmission Mid-Board Optical Module

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Ultra Small Optical Module

Learn more about I-PEX ultra-small active optical modules LIGHTPASS™



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