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About Marvell

Designed for your current needs and future ambitions


To deliver the data infrastructure technology that connects the world, we’re building solutions on the most powerful foundation: our partnerships with our customers. We’re transforming tomorrow’s enterprise, cloud, automotive, and carrier architectures for the better.

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Top Trend Predictions for 2023

Marvell's Radha Nagarajan Shares his Top Trend Predictions for 2023

Marvell's Josef Berger, AVP Marketing of Marvell discusses cloud-optimized optical solutions

What's next at ECOC for Marvell? It's all about cloud-optimized cloud connectivity, says Josef Berger, AVP Marketing, Marvell. At ECOC22, Marvell showcased its Deneb and Canopus coherent digital signal processors (DSPs). The company demonstrated its 112G 5nm IP and its newest "Spica" DSP for 800G optics transceivers, its Atlas DSP for 50G in RAN applications. Marvell also demonstrated its 400ZR transceivers alongside its Teralynx data center switching silicon.

Marvell Acquires Innovium - Accelerates Cloud Growth with Expanded Ethernet Switching Portfolio

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