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About Panduit

Panduit, a leader in high speed fiber optic development, provides data center physical infrastructure products that maximize flexibility to organizations to deliver desired business results.  Panduit’s electrical and network infrastructure ensures smart, scalable, and efficient connectivity solutions across the data center to help you futureproof and succeed in a constantly evolving global marketplace.


Data Center Infrastructure 

Data centers must control costs, increase efficiencies, and simplify data center management. Panduit converged infrastructure solutions can reduce time to production by up to 80% by using pre-configured solutions that arrive fully tested, validated, and ready to rack and roll. Our solutions can also help lower cooling energy utilization by as much as 50% with wireless monitoring and cooling control solutions comprised of intelligent software and wireless nodes. Panduit offers deployment expertise, customer supply chain solutions, and data center visibility.  See how Panduit can enable your data center infrastructure.


Exploring High-density Fiber and Connector Solutions for Next-Gen Switches

Bulent Kose, Panduit Corporation, discusses discusses cabling structure for Next-Gen Switches with Onboard Optics (OBO) and co-packaged optics (CPO) that can enable power effienct links for high-density connectivity.

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