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About Vario-Optics AG

Vario-optics enables the miniaturization of photonic systems by embedding planar optical waveguides into PCB's (electro-optical circuit boards). With this highly disruptive solution we provide to our customers the possibility to ensure their market leadership.
Our technology enables very competitive products in terms of pricing, performance and miniaturization.

ECOC22: Vario-Optics on waveguides embedded on circuit boards

How about electro-optical waveguides embedded in printed circuit boards? Here is an demo conducted at ECOC22 in Basel, Switzerland by Nikolaus Flöry, Business Development Manager, Vario-Optics AG. 

Electro-Optical Polymer Waveguide Demo-Board for On-Board Optics

Vario-optics is a recent member of the multimode waveguide interconnect working group led by COBO (consortium for on-board optics).

Together with COBO we are working on developing novel solutions for increased data-rates and reduced power consumption using photonic technologies.

At ECOC 2022 in Basel we did a live-Demo of our fully-assembled, multimode Electro-Optical Circuit Board:


  • High-Speed electrical design with 20 layers

  • optical waveguide layer in the center containing low-loss multimode waveguides

  • Total on-board throughput of 1.2 TBit/s over 48 optical channels.

For more information visit:

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On-Board Optics Expand Bandwidth and Reduce Power Use in the Data Center

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