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Industry Leadership and Innovation  

The Advanced Photonics Coalition does not focus on a single flagship idea but numerous opportunities for advancement in photonics. Fiber optic systems offer many areas for growth and the APC believes in fostering fresh ideas for Data Center systems as well as any high-speed interconnect system.


The APC supports collaboration between the photonics industry and AI industry, helping to advance both industries and create new opportunities for growth and innovation.  In addition to AI and Silicon Photonics, we explore various opportunities for advancement in photonic assisted computing, chip to chip optics, characterization, automotive, foundry processwaveguide embedded systems, hybrid electrical channels, co-packaged optics and many more applications for the progression of manufacturability and suitability of advanced photonic technology systems. 

We improve business conditions for and promote the common business interest of persons developing, manufacturing, integrating, and using optical interconnects and optical subassemblies in network equipment for data center, high performance computing, quantum computing and machine learning applications.

We encourage technological standards and marketing developments in fiber optic or fiber optic related products and educate the industry, academia and government agencies on the value and use of all types of specifications, standardized practices, and best practices.

The principal activities of the APC include the following:

  • Organize technical groups and establish a common forum for standards and best manufacturing/design practices of photonics  

  • Generate and publish technology standards and the new era of photonics manufacturing best practice reports

  • Provide a place for the industry to share knowledge and information with the common goal of scalable, efficient advancement

  • Facilitate real world applications and benchmarking studies with member companies

  • Develop standard industry terminology

  • Co-produce the Optica Photonic Enabled Cloud Computing Conference 

  • Feature the latest products or collaborative member solutions at industry events  

  • Produce industry webcasts with thought leadership discussions and technology overviews

  • Maintain a web site and social media with information on the industry and each member company 

  • Liaison to industry publications and analyst firms

  • Create executive communications opportunities  

  • Conduct regular surveys of members to identify areas of importance or concern

  • Provide regulatory agency interface

  • Coordinate with other standard, non-profit or government related organizations

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