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Organization Overview 

Organization Name

The name of this Association, organized as a 501(c)6 not-for-profit and incorporated in the State of Washington, is Advanced Photonics Coalition, Inc. (APC).


As stated in the papers of incorporation - "The purpose of the corporation is to improve business conditions for and promote the common business interest of persons developing, manufacturing, integrating, and using optical interconnects and optical subassemblies in network equipment for data center, high performance computing, quantum computing and machine learning applications."

Aims and Objectives 

Our mission is for optical fabs to be leading and creating the world’s best technology in terms of reliability, validation, and trust. This allows for the creation of building blocks for Silicon Photonics ICs that are put together in an assured way using foundry Process Development Kit to accelerate production.


APC shall also address itself to all types of fiber optic and conversion devices companies. It shall enhance the reputation of the members of this association and their products through various programs, and establish relevant activities including, but not restricted to the following:

  1. Best Design Practices [Standards where applicable] of the Industry Involvement in all Photonic devices

  2. Research and Development Studies and Programs

  3. Liaison with other Professional Societies

  4. Liaison with Customers and Developers within the organization

  5. Protection for each member through the IPR Policy

  6. Trade Show and Conference Involvement

  7. Marketing Studies and Programs

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