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LESSENGERS is an innovative optical-interconnect solution provider, offering a unique solution for simple, high performance, and highly integrated optical connections using polymer wires for optical waveguides in 3D space.

Update with Chongcook Kim,
CEO and Founder.

Today’s data centers is struggling to cope with increasing demands for real-time video streams, machine learning (ML) resources, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G/6G applications, defense and security.

The disruptive innovation of direct optical wiring (DOW) in integrated optical interconnects will fertilize the future.


LESSENGERS is looking for collaboration partners who are willing to develop innovative products using LESSENGERS' polymer wire-based photonics packaging solutions. The candidates can be anyone in the industry who works with high-speed data center optical interconnect applications such as 800G/1.6T optical modules, on-board, near packaged or co-packaged optics. 

LESSENGERS's patent direct optical wire (DOW) bonding technology enables high-precision and high-density micrometer scale optical coupling between high-speed photonic devices and various optical waveguides with the best cost-effectiveness. 

What we can offer direct optical wire (DOW)-bonding-based optical packaging including:

  • VCSEL-based multimode optics

  • Silicon photonics

  • Single mode optical alignment/coupling 

Please email Taeyong at for more details. 

For more info please visit

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