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Membership Benefits

By joining with other leaders in Photonics, you will have a greater voice and influence on the directions of the Optical Interconnect Industry.

First hand view of the supply chain desires and needs

Industry cohesiveness in design guide or standards requests

Striving for scalability at lower costs with wide industry participation and acceptance

Opportunity to meet and interact with your counterparts in other companies on an on-going basis


Participate in global working groups to advance best design practices of photonic system 

Members enjoy access to information in the Members Only area of the Web site


Opportunity to be involved with the planning and managing of OFC, ECOC, Photonics West and Optica+APC Photonics Enabled Cloud Computing Summit 


Participate in committees, workgroups and studies to derive a better understanding of market trends, industry trends and better operational procedures to improve performance


Receive discounts on registration fees for attending Industry sponsored events


Increase awareness and knowledge of trends and factors that can impact your company


Access to research publications and reports utilizing a Coalition discount 


Improve the operation of your company by participating in studies with other companies in our industry

Participate in APC Webcasts

For more information please contact the Advanced Photonics Coalition Office:

Tel: (408) 345-1645

E-Mail: Melissa Kallos []  

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