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Mission Statement  

Our mission is for optical fabs to be leading and creating the world’s best technology in terms of reliability, validation, and trust. This allows for the creation of building blocks for Silicon Photonics ICs that are put together in an assured way using foundry Process Development Kit to accelerate production.


The Advanced Photonics Coalition creates a foundation for optical value chain partners to work together and establish a sustainable future. The open space for partners allows for the industry to create differentiation in the market for adoption of several ways. This approach is essential for the progression of the fiber optic industry and creates a sustainable and diverse marketplace for manufacturability of advanced photonic technologies.


Fostering cooperation of participant companies across all corners of the ecosystem, APC corporate members include foundry, outsourced semiconductor assembly and test houses, contract manufacturers, photonics developers, semiconductor developers, system integrators, end-user service providers, test and measurement companies, and assembly equipment providers.

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